Posted by: drazizul | February 23, 2010

Message for Professor Hayashi

With Prof. Hayashi , Best Presentation award of ISLT 2006

Professor S. Hayashi is my Ph.D. supervisor (October 2004 to September 2007) in Saga University, Japan. First of all, I gratefully acknowledge my sincere veneration and indebtedness and profound gratitude and deep respect to Professor Hayashi for his continuous valuable guidance, helpful criticisms, useful suggestions and encouragement given throughout my PhD studies as well as after PhD. It is also a great honor and privilege for me to work with him and to share his valuable knowledge and expertise. I am a citizen of Bangladesh and I came to Saga University, Japan for my Ph.D. studies. I still remembered the moment when we first met each other. I was really so lucky to have him as my supervisor. He always advised me to do research by myself. It helped me to build up my confidence level for future. When I first came to Japan I was always felt my home country. He gave me guidance and courage all the time.
Prof. Hayashi inspired me to think about the Environment. He pushed me to read the Plan B. by Lester R. Brown. Then he again advised me to buy and read the book An inconvenient truth by Al Gore. It is Prof. Hayashi who helped me to think globally and act locally and personally. Now whenever I think to do some research I always try to implement the ethics of that…the First is environment. My dream is to build a better world for the future generations. The inspiration of Prof. Hayashi is always with me to do that.
There are lots of memories with him throughout my Ph.D. student life as well as after the graduation. One interesting experience which I want to share today is his love for doing research. In 2006, we all the lab members of Prof. Hayashi went to Kumamoto for mountain hiking. I was always little bit nervous as I did not have the previous experience for mountain hiking in my country I was excited. Anyway, in the day of mountain hiking it was suddenly became rainy day. We could not go outside from our cottage. Everybody was planning to play some indoor games or something which was enjoyable however Prof. Hayashi asked all of us to come and to carry out a day long discussion of our research!! We did it from morning to evening!!!
Another thing I want to share about the last year’s (October, 2009) Italy visits during the International Conference. We went to Rome to visit the Via Appia Antica. It was about to evening and we had to walk a long way to see the thousand years old roman road. The beautiful road made of old stones was as straight as a line on a paper. To see the monument during the day light he had to run about 4 km within 20 minutes as no car is permitted on that road. Prof. Hayashi made it in that time by running. It was amazing. I was surprised to see his enthusiasm and ability to do that. I will never forget his sweating but satisfied face after returning from that spot.
Professor S. Hayashi received the Iraj Zandi Award in recognition of his contributions to the field of solid waste technology and management in the twenty second international conference on solid waste technology and management which was held in Philadelphia, USA from March 18-21, 2007. I was so glad to hear that news and felt proud to be a student of him as that award is one of the best awards for the researchers who used to do research in solid waste technology and management in the world. I appreciate his vision and judgments for any actions. When I worked as a secretary general of IALT, I found him a real leader with a strong motivations and direction as an executive president of the International Association of Lowland Technology (IALT). He is one of the most ideal men I have ever met in my life. I wish him healthy and long life. At last I will say “ No time is the best time to say good bye, but while the time is over then it must say, Good bye..O genki de.”

Md.Azizul Moqsud, Ph.D.
(Former PhD Student of Prof. Hayashi from Bangladesh)
Institute of Lowland Technology
Saga University, Japan


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