About Dr.M.Azizul Moqsud

Its me in Kyushu University Campus

Hi Everybody!

I am working in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, USA.

This is Dr. M.Azizul Moqsud. I am an environmentalist. I want to make the earth more liveable for the future generation. Come on .. let’s think globally and act personally and environmentally friendly…

I did my Ph.D. from Saga University in Geo-Environmental Engineering under the Japanese Govt. Scholarship (2004-2007).

I had been working as an Associate Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at Yamaguchi University, Japan (2012-). I worked as an Associate Professor in the Institute of Lowland and Marine Research, Saga University, Japan. I did my postdoc research under JSPS in Kyushu University, one of the leading universities in Japan.

The vision of my life is to make a smile to the other people in a selfless mind.

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  1. Thank you very much for visiting me..

  2. Hi Dr. Moqsud,

    Is it alright to ask you about the effect of Copper Sulfate on soil? What type of environmental risks such material bring to the soil? Is it considered toxic? And how do we treat the soil affected?

    I hope you can help me on this. Thanks a lot

  3. Hi Dr. Moqsud,
    Myself Sanjeev, pursuing Ph.D in Gulbarga University, Karnataka, India. may i know what are the oppourtunities in the Bioremediation feild out side the India. i will be in touch with you.

  4. Dear Dr. Moqsud,
    I tried to contact the secretary of ISLT 2010 that will be held in Saga on September but no response back to me. Due to your announcement, it is infoemed that the acceptance date of the full documents is fixed at June 15, and the deadline for registration is fixed on the end of June (the registration fee is 50000 yen). Until now, we don’t know about our documents (Dr. Somboon, Dr. Patana and Mine). It is very important to us because we have to show the acceptance to the university, we aslo have to ask permission and budget from the university too. Will you please me what is going on with our full document as soon as possible. If we registered after end of June we have to pay more 10000 yen/individual, I think that it is not fair and unresonable because we seroiusly followed the schedual or if you extend the deadline it might be OK. However we would like to know it very soon because our system ia complicated and time consuming. I am looking forward to hear from you very soon.
    Best regards,

  5. Hello Sir,

    This is Swatantar kumar here from India. I really appreciate your valuable information and expertise comments on environnment issue. please accept thanks for the noble cause you are doing. I am working with The Energy & Resourse Institute, India as a Research Trainee in the field of
    2 MICROBIALLY INDUCED CORROSION. Plz provide your expert guidance and your valuable comments regarding the matter. Thanks.

    With Regards,
    Swatantar Kumar

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