My Family

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I am the youngest son of my family. My father is Professor M.A. Hannan. He was the President of Bangladesh Institute of Engineers. Currently, he is working as a rector in Engineering Staff College, Bangladesh. My mother is Professor Qumrun Nahar. She was the principal in the Govt. Colleges.
We are  4 brothers and sisters. My Elder sister is an M.A. in Economics. She is a Professor at T.T college, her husband is a professor at Medical college. The younger sister was a lecturer in govt. college in English. Her husband is the Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, in Malaysia. My elder brother is an Assistant Professor in Dhaka.

Engr. Q.S. Bushra is my wife. She is a Civil Engineer and Masters in Environmental Engineering.



  1. Dear respected Dr.M.Azizul,
    I came to know you by internet browsing and fortunately i found you that your from Bangladesh.Dear I have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University,Dhaka. Ami Nepali.Ami ekhon Chai je MS Leading Ph.D from your University.Would you mind to let me know the procedure that i could get admission in your university.I hope so for your good response.
    Thanking you
    Yours truly

  2. Thanks for your comments..please keep in touch..

  3. hi,
    gone with your views ! marvelous looking forward to you in this connection.

    subho das

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