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The Ariake Sea

Ariake sea

Ariake sea

The Ariake sea is one of the best known shallow seas in Japan. It has a vast tidal flat area. The 40% of the total tidal flat area is in the Ariake sea.This tidal flat is very famous for the fisheries products and Sea laver cultivations. The sea laver “Nori” in Japanese is a delicious food for the people of Japan and South Korea. The nori is used as the wraper of Sushi and Onigiri.
The total area of the Ariake sea is 1700 sq. km. The average depth is 20m. The sea water entrance is only 5 km.

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What is Lowland

Tidal Flat of the Ariake sea

Tidal Flat of the Ariake sea

The “Lowland” refers to the lowlying lands which are vulnarable to the climate change such as global warming and sea level rise.
Bangladesh,The Netherlands are two real lowland countries. This lowland country is facing enormous problems in terms of environmental and geoenvironmental conditions.
These problems are reflected to my research. I want to solve the problems which are facing by the people living currently and the future generations.

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My Family

I am the youngest son of my family. My father is Professor M.A. Hannan. He was the President of Bangladesh Institute of Engineers. Currently he is working as a rector in Engineering Staff College, Bangladesh. My mother is Professor Qumrun Nahar. She was the principal in the Govt. Colleges.
We are total 4 brothers and sisters. My Elder sister is an M.A. in Economics. She is an assistant professor in T.T college, her husband is the principal in Bogra Medical college. The younger sister is a lecturer in govt. college in English. Her husband is the head of the department of Mechanical Engineering,DUET. My elder brother is a lecturer in Govt. Medical College in Dhaka.

Engr. Q.S. Bushra is my wife. She is a Civil Engineer currently working as a research associate in Institute of Lowland technology, Saga University, Japan.

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I am a simple guy with a great dream to make the world as a better place for living..

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